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22 February 2008 @ 04:55 pm
 I rewrote the first thing I posted and came up with something loads better. What do you think?

She sat at her desk hovering over a sketch pad with her charcoal that flew over the paper. She had pressed a smudged hand to her forehead in frustration as she gazed down at the landscape that was forming below her. It was just as she imagined it the rolling hills falling into endless waves but it wasn’t the same. How she couldn’t explain but it simply wasn’t and it was disturbing her. In vain she drew a few lines but it did nothing. She threw down her charcoal in frustration and stood up and walked away from her desk with heavy steps. Oliander fell onto her bed her skirts ruffling around her with a snap. 
“Miss Chandler it is time to awaken.”Gertrude found the young Miss Chandler of Nimbus in state of artist distress. 
“Miss Chandler?” Gertrude repeated tentatively wondering what was going on with the girl. Oliander opened an eye and said. 
“In a moment.” In the Chandler home everything tended to be public that hour of privacy, without maids bustling in nor her gossip of a mother. Gertrude walked over to the bed and sternly helped Oliander up by pulling her shoulders. Oliander was boney and meek of muscles so she could be easily maneuvered. 
“How is your drawing coming, Miss?” Gertrude asked with a tone of conversation as she strapped Oliander in day clothes. 
“Horrible,” She sighed gazing down at her blackened fingers. 
“You are talented girl, Miss. I can imagine that you will find a way to finish it nicely.” Gertrude added nodding toward the half finished sketch on the desk among other art supplies. Oliander was fully awakened from her misery when she was stitched into her corset and she lost her breath. 
“A possibility of loosening it?” She asked Gertrude clutching her chest that had shrunk noticeably. 
“Sorry Miss,” 
Once fully clothed Oliander sat on her vanity seat poised straight from the tightness of the clothing. Gertrude left to collect her breakfast from the kitchen Oliander was left alone again and she turned to look at her reflection. A prize to be won for many but to her all she saw was her mother’s face. How it haunted and disgusted her. Lady Chandler was a person that Oliander had attempted to avoid all her life to become her own person. Even Gertrude had attended to Oliander more than her own mother and if her mother would command her to do something Oliander doubted that she would obey. Filled with contempt Oliander looked away but let her fingers walk atop the vanity and they discovered her jade hair comb. Collecting her hair in her hand Oliander swept her flaxen hair in a loose bun. When Gertrude returned she swept aside the cosmetics on the vanity and placed the tray down. While Oliander picked at her breakfast with her silver spoon Gertrude filled a bowl with rosewater and began washing each of Oliander’s hands. 
“Miss,” Gertrude began suddenly. 
“Mhm?” Oliander responded carelessly enjoying the ample food that the cook made. 
“Miss, while I was downstairs I noticed that a Mr. Drisc had left his card. Would you receive him?” 
It was as if she was shocked and Oliander immediately stood, spilling the dirtied rosewater on Gertrude. 
“Oh Gertrude! Please accept my apologies.” Oliander began embarrassed to see Gertrude’s crisp white starched linen apron wet. 
“Never you mind, Miss.” Gertrude said. As Gertrude cleaned herself and Oliander scampered around the room in a frenzied excitement on the guest she asked conversationally. 
“I never seen you reacting so over a man before, Miss.” Oliander paused by her wardrobe letting the pink ripe over her pale cheeks. 
“I suppose not,” 
“Does that mean, Miss.” Gertrude began careful not to offend her. 
“That you have been seeing him a few times prior to his entrance at the manor.” Oliander swayed on her stockinged feet. 
“Perhaps so. I like Mr. Drisc. Perhaps you would like to meet him as well?” She asked. 
“It is not proper to leave you alone with him. I suppose I will meet your new darling. Just don’t forget about your friends over a man.” Gertrude warned before ordering Oliander to sit. Oliander sat anxiously as Gertrude buttoned her boots with her ornate boot hook. Properly dressed Oliander waited for Gertrude who collected an apropiate jacket, gloves, and hat. They walked down the hall together through the busy Chandler manor that never slept. 
“Are you planning to go anywhere, Miss?” Gertrude asked. 
“Perhaps to a café for lunch.” 
“Then I’ll send for our carriage. Please be back soon though, your family is having dinner together.” An rare event, Oliander nodded apprehensively at this bit of news. 
“Your brother will be here with his fiancé and so will your father, just as long as your mother…” Gertrude didn’t finish but it left a statement on the girl. Her mother who destroyed everything with a laugh. 
“Tomorrow also your mother wants to go into the North with you to run some errands for the gala.”  Ah yes, the gala. Oliander thought with a happy smile. 
Despite doing it with mother it would be a good day. The Winter Solstice gala was a yearly Folletamas event that all of rank went to. Grander each year than the one prior last year the theme was candy. The Chandler ballroom had been recreated to make everything sweet. Candy, cookies, and plenty of champagne leaving all those warm stomached. Oliander and Gertrude arrived in the parlor to see Mr. James Drisc standing by the fireplace. Oliander couldn’t see his face, only his flickering silhouette that made her breath fall. Gertrude politely coughed and James turned around to see his beloved and a wide grin fell on his face. James walked toward them but Oliander felt her lips purse when he first shook hands with Gertrude. 
“Lovelier today,” He first said to Oliander who felt her lips pull back into its usual smile. They sat together on the couch hardly touching beside Oliander resting her head on James’ shoulder. Gertrude had suddenly become hostile sitting in the corner her hardened gaze piercing. Oliander longed for the solitude of James’ home with his many brothers and sisters accustomed to their love and where they could do whatever they desired to an extent. The talked of nothing that mattered until James noticed the Proclaim sitting on the coffee table. 
“This again?” He asked looking at today’s issue of the Proclaim. At the Royal Library in Parliament James looked at it but at the sight of its title he threw it aside. But as he unfolded it below the main article about him and his families fame and pieces of gossip from the theatre that they attended last night noticed a smaller article entitled Chandler Discovery. 
“Father was received at Parliament when he returned from his voyage.” Oliander said her eyes widened with sincerity. 
“We are to meet with the king soon for it has been rumored that he would be knighted for his discovery.” Oliander added. As James read the small article Oliander said. 
“Did you know that there is an entire other world across the Forlorn Sea?” 
“That is impossible,” 
“Oh but it is true. Father went there himself. It is a seven month journey and he brought so many goods back. Our storerooms are overfilling with them.” Oliander said with a smile. 
“That is amazing! Another world…that was always neighboring us but we never knew.” That news was so grand however it could be shadowed by the idle gossip of celebrities attending a performance. James couldn’t help but pity Oliander and Lord Chandler to not be getting the true attention and fame for something far grander. He sighed then heartingly said formally.  
“Miss Chandler I was considering that we could go to the new bakery that opened in the North that I think that you would enjoy.” 
“Of course.” Oliander said with a little too much enthusiasm. 
“Gertrude please, can you call our carriage from the stable?” Oliander said. Almost reluctantly Gertrude left but a servant came in to dust. Oliander groaned but felt a thrill when she leaned forward to whisper in his ear. 
“In your villa afterwards,” And they stood and left toward the lobby. Gertrude had already returned from calling and went into the coatroom to collect their outerwear and another present for James that she slipped into the coat pocket. Gertrude stood at the doorway watching James and Oliander walk toward the carriage. But knew better than to idle over a girl she had fostered that was not her own.

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