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16 June 2008 @ 06:16 pm

How long ago those blissful moments of happiness feel. All that remained from those days of celebration was blur, swept away by more omnipresent thoughts. Still, he struggled to remember. The queens face ripe as the full moon, the billowing music, and peering inside the carriage to see two sets of curious eyes that stated back. Ringing in his ears was the drum of rain around him, seeping through the tree’s protective ceiling. Instinctively he tightened his grip hoping that she was warm enough. That was all that matters now, the present despite how grim it was forming to be. Not so long ago, it seemed to be a rich place to indulge, to enjoy. It involved the kingdom’s finally prospering and guiding the princess’s to greatness. It was Folleta’s will and fates doing. Untangling himself from the warmth of the past, he concentrated on the pain of his dragging legs. He let his mind to drift and unwillingly entered the night that everything went wrong. Of their drunken shenanigans around the fire, celebrating the new births their own way. They had not left the king and queen completely unprotected…the royal guards were there, and were soon silently killed. He could see the light of the next morning, everything was dizzyingly sharp and his mind was slow and his body unresponding around him until they were found. The messenger relied the news and they left their party to find that everything was true. Horribly true—and it will never end. It was a nightmare he couldn’t escape, the walls being to high to scale. It was the first time that he couldn’t fight his way out of scenarios. And it was his fault. Immediately he could feel his body bristle—but it was true. Brought back from the torture he stopped and stiffened, dropping his hand to the handle of the sword.

It was all gone.

His eyes scanned the dense forest for the intruder, his body rigid preparing for a fight despite the ache.

“Peace brother,”

He remained stiff but recognized the voice.