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20 February 2008 @ 05:39 pm
 This is bad but an experiemenitng with a different point of view,

“Miss Chandler there is a Mr. Drisc calling for you. Will you receive him in the parlor?” Oliander jumped up at the name of James and nodded. “I’ll be down in a moment.” She told her maid. When Gertrude sauntered out Oliander sprung to her mirror and gazed at her glowing reflection. Pleased by what she saw Oliander went over to her wardrobe and picked a shawl and wrapped it loosely over her shoulders. She changed out of her informal home clothes for something more proper and appropriate for an outing. Before hurrying out she saw a package that sat on a coffee table that was due to be given soon. So Oliander snatched it and inconspicuously slipped it in among the folds of her skirt. Oliander walked out of her bedroom door and went down the hall passing a few maids and the butler. The Chandler manor was among the greatest homes in Nimbus (aside King Theron’s) and nearly as old. Her parents were the current holders of the manor which included the ball hosting. The Winter Solstice Gala was expected to be the grandest ball—and it was. Oliander walked down the main staircase a smile tugging at her lips. The lobby was a scene of a ordinary day in the Chandler manor despite her brother Henry sitting on the bottom step. “Good morning brother,” Oliander said fleetingly kissing him on his forehead. “Morning Oliander.” He replied heavily. “What is troubling you?” She asked. “A great many things but I am mostly concerned about this boy you’ve been seeing.” Oliander rolled her eyes and quickly said. “And father?” “Will be home tonight…just as long as mother—” He stopped himself and dismissively waved his hand. Oliander left his brother to mourn by himself. Oliander left the lobby barley preoccupied with what was troubling her brother. In the parlor Oliander saw his tall silhouette flickering by the fireplace. She felt compelled to run to him but in her home she was constantly watched and any sign of informalness would be dealt with. She precariously peered in